Lamination is a very traditional method for creating a katana. It is done by layering different types of steel in a pattern so as to allow the blade to have both rigid properties in its cutting edge, but still maintain either a soft or springy back or sides for absorbing shock.

We refer to our lamination method as the "wrapped core" construction. This is a method similar to the traditional SanMai, but simplified for production.

We still recommend the use of through tempered monosteel for cutters as they will be more predictable and constant in performance. But for those looking for a blade constructed using a traditional forging method, here is our laminated steel line of blades.

"Higo Katana" - FINAL RUN (Available with blue ito, no fuller only)

Sale Price: $229.99
Regular Price: $339.99

Sold Out - Discontinued.

The Higo katana is constructed of laminated steel similar to the traditional "san mai" method of blade construction. Core billet of the second generation Higo uses a 9260 silicon alloy spring steel. The core is then wrapped around two billets of 1045 carbon steel. The forged blade is then sharpened to expose the 9260 core as the cutting edge. The new Higo is a much stronger and uniquely constructed cutter.

The new Higo is different than any other "laminated" blades on the market at its price range. The lamination on the Higo can be visually and chemically tested and verified... Read more by clicking on the photo above.

Higo - 2nd Generation - No Fuller (No Bo-hi)
SOLD OUT - Discontinued


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