Type 2 - "HIGO" Laminated Steel Katana

Name "Higo"
Blade Laminated 9260 Carbon Spring Steel core with 1045 wrap
Overall Length (+ Saya) 41.5"
Treatment Full Hand Forged, Through Tempered, Oil Quenched, Hand Polished
Finish Tameshigiri Polish
Blade Dimension 28" Length, 0.3" Width, 1.25" Height
Sori (Curvature) 0.7"
Weight 2 lbs 5 oz (with fuller), 2 lbs 9 oz (without fuller)
Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira Blackened Steel Musashi Double Ring Tsuba.
Balance Point 5" above tsuba (with fuller), 6" above tsuba (without fuller)
Tsuka/Ho 11" Wood
Tsuka Ito Black Cotton
Mekugi 2 X Wood (Double Pinned)
Same Real Ray Skin Panel Wrap
Saya 30.5" Black Glossy Lacquered Medium Hardwood

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Here is the forge and lamination process of the blade. Notice the hand forged sandwiched steel construction used. The soft steel wrap is designed to absorb shock to prevent shatter, but the sword is susceptable to bending (non-fatal-flaw) if cut improperly. As most swords, it can be bent back and used without problems unless fatal flaws occur. In a shatter (fatal flaw), the sword will fail less dramatically along the lamination surface than a monosteel blade.

This is the overall appearance of the sword. (Version shown is without bo-hi (fuller or "blood groove"). The Higo (2nd Generation) is a very unique laminate that can be visually proven... Scroll down to next set of photos to see.

The most important feature of the Higo is the method by which the blade is constructed. The unique laminate of a 9260 core with a 1045 wrap is not done by anyone else... especially not in this price range. This construction allows the sword to absorb the shock of a bad cut better than a monosteel design... plus it allows the sword to retain a harder cutting edge than a standard 1045.

Among all of the swords sold on auction sites advertised as "San Mai" or "Laminated", our Higo katana is the only one that can be visually and functionally/chemically verified as to its laminated construction.

Our steel is layered and forged, then polished and sharpened to expose the harder core into the cutting edge. Unlike all the other swords that throws out names like "san mai" and "laminated" but cannot be verified, our inner core can actually be visually distinguished from the shell wrapping. The photos below are how the swords come... you can actually see the different steels and the laminated line (between the chemically etched hamon and the cutting edge).

You can also chemically verify the lamination yourself. To do so, you will need to polish away the existing hamon, then use an etching agent such as lemon juice or vinegar to etch your own hamon..... When you do so, you can bring out the lamination line more clearly. (You can also try this with other swords that are advertised as "San Mai" or "Laminated" to verify their claims).

Basic wooden saya with glossy lacquered finish. Very self explanatory.

"Higo Katana" - FINAL RUN (Available with blue ito, no fuller only)

Sale Price: $229.99
Regular Price: $339.99

Sold Out - Discontinued.

The Higo katana is constructed of laminated steel similar to the traditional "san mai" method of blade construction. Core billet of the second generation Higo uses a 9260 silicon alloy spring steel. The core is then wrapped around two billets of 1045 carbon steel. The forged blade is then sharpened to expose the 9260 core as the cutting edge. The new Higo is a much stronger and uniquely constructed cutter.

The new Higo is different than any other "laminated" blades on the market at its price range. The lamination on the Higo can be visually and chemically tested and verified... Read more by clicking on the photo above.

Higo - 2nd Generation - No Fuller (No Bo-hi)
SOLD OUT - Discontinued



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