"Mokko Wakizashi "

NameMokko Wakizashi - 1060 Fully Sharpened Wakizashi
BladeHeat tempered, Oil Quenched 1060 Carbon Steel.
Overall Length (+ Saya)26"
TreatmentHand Heat Forged, Heat Tempered, Oil Quenched
FinishTameshigiri Polish
Blade 21"
Weight (+Saya)1.20 lbs
Tsuba/Fuchi/KashiraBlackened Alloy Mokko Bamboo Tsuba Set
Balance Point4.5" from tsuba
Bo-hi (Blood Groove)Extended (past habaki and tsuba into the tsuka)
Tsuka/Ho6.5" Wood
Tsuka ItoBlack Cotton
SameReal Ray Skin Panel Wrap
Saya22" Black Glossy Lacquered Medium Hardwood

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This is the matching wakizashi for our Mokko Katana. Matching 1060 high carbon steel with matching fittings.

Blade geometry is simple and straightforward. Matching the apparence of all our other katana. Single pinned on 6.5" tsuka.

Type 7SW Katana - "Mokko Wakizashi"

Sale Price: $169.99
Regular Price: $299.99


This through hardened 1060 carbon steel, this wakizashi matches our "Mokko" katana in both steel and fittings. This wakizashi is single pinned with a 6.5" tsuka.

NOTICE! - This particular fitting style has been discontinued and is available with a set which matches the current Mokko Katana mountings..


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