O-Katana literally translates to "Large Katana". The length of the O-katanas are generally longer than can be drawn from the scabbard from the waist without twisting the torsal and pulling back the scabbard. It has the mass to carry it through tough targets with ease and an extended reach relative to standard katanas. (These extra long blades can only be shipped within USA and to countries without length restrictions of packages)

Each blade comes with a free display box, free cotton sword bag and FREE SHIPPING*. (*Free shipping and display box available in USA only).

TRIAL RUN - 33 Inch O-Katana - 9260 Silicon Alloy Spring Steel

Sale Price: $319.99
Regular Price: $599.99

This is a trial run of our first O-Katana, in 33" 9260 spring steel. This blade is 5" longer and the handle is 1" longer than our standard 28" katana making this one VERY BIG sword. The trial run is to find out whether there is a market for such a sword or not. The sword is a heavy blade to handle, but cuts extremely well. Its length far exceeds those swords commonly used for iai so there needs to be additional care and special prior to using this blade.

33 Inch O-Katana (BLUE TSUKA ITO)
33 Inch O-Katana (BROWN TSUKA ITO)

33" O-Katana Blade in Shirasaya

Sale Price: $229.99
Regular Price: $499.99

Our 33" Cheness 9260 Spring Steel blade mounted in a shirasaya. Made available for those who would prefer the bare blade to remount themselves or to display as a unique sword.

Available in fullered version only.

33" O-Katana in Shirasaya (with Bo-hi)
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