10/26/2017 - Limited Edition katanas for the 2017 Holidays - We are introducing 3 limited edition katanas from a small batch production run. We've created a small handful of 3 versions of our most popular models, using some of the most requested feature customizations. This series is called the "Kuroha" and is based off of the Tenchi Katana, Tenchi Ko Katana, and Oniyuri with some feature changes. Details of the changes in the products page.

This is a very limited production run with small quantities available. This series will not be restocked after they are sold out. Order soon before they are sold out, as they are expected to quickly.

1/4/2016 - New Warehouse Location - In order to accomodate for inventory expansion, we have moved our warehouse to a new location. Our new warehouse is located at 4898 Ronson Ct, Suite F, San Diego, CA 92111. The new location is only feet away from the original warehouse. All other contact remains the same as the original, including phone and email.

8/27/2013 - US Department of Fish and Wildlife Services - Due to the rayskin used on our tsuka, we are now required to pay the USFWS an inspection fee for all shipments sent internationally. We are working to develop a line of synthetic rayskins to replace the current version of tsuka. Read the details here.

Once developed, the synthetic ray skin version will be applied to all our swrods. For those who want real ray skin tsukas, this is the time to get them. They won't be available in real ray skin form for much longer.

1/31/2012 - Returned from Vacation - We have returned from our Jan 2012 vacation. Will will be working to catch up to orders received over the break as our main priority over the next few days. All orders are expected to be processed and shipped out before the end of the week (next 3 days) as well as all emails replied.

If you placed your order sometimes over the break, you will be reciving the order confirmation in the next day or two and have your order shipped out no later than Friday, Feb 3rd.

New orders received between now and Friday will experience a slight delay of a day or two as we work to catch up to the backlogged orders. Shipping will return to our regular 48 hour turnaround for orders received after Friday.

Our apologies for the inconveniences and thank you for your patience.

1/5/2012 - January Holiday (Now until January 30th 2012) - We will be closed for a trip to Asia for the duration of the Chinese New Year holiday this January. During this period, there will be no shipping activities and no responses to emails (due to inaccessability of the internet at the regions of we will be traveling through).

Orders will still be accepted online during this holiday period, but will not be processed or shipped out until after January 31st.

Last day to place your order will be Midnight, Thursday on January 5th 2012. Any orders received after Midnight Thursday will be prepped and shipped out after the holiday period.

Thank you for your understanding and our apologies for the inconveniences. We wish you an advanced Happy New Year in the upcoming Year of the Dragon.

9/20/2011 - WHOLESALE BUSINESS UPDATE - As of September 2011, we have decided to stop selling our swords via wholesale across the board. We will continue to sell our Cheness Swords directly to consumers through our home website at www.cheness.com, but recent economic activities have left us with few other options than to drop our general retailers.

While we are proud of the fact that we have NEVER increased our prices to compensate for inflation, this has proven to be challenging. When we first set up our wholesale price structure, the exchange rate between US Dollar and CNY is $1 USD = $8 CNY. Today, the actual exchange rate is closer to $1 USD = $6 CNY, yet we are still selling our swords based on the original pricing structure.

In addition to the fall of the USD, we have also experienced a rampant inflation domestically and overseas, skyrocketing fuel and shipping costs, as well as increase security and related charges during the import process. Cost of goods sold have been increasing in every single shipment, literally. We have always absorbed this margin compression internally, and have never passed these increases to our customers, not even once. We have done everything from downsizing our staff size, to taking internal salary cuts across the board.

We have, however, finally reached a point where we cannot continue to do this, as cost of goods sold have finally exceeded the wholesale price structure. The recourse that we have is that we either increase the prices on our products, or we can eliminate our wholesale activities.

After thorough deliberations, we have decided that it is more important to us to maintain our retail prices for our customers for as long as possible, as we have always done. We do not feel that our products should go up in price or that the market could withstand a pricing increase in the current economy. So our only recourse left is to stop the business activities that are not sustainable, which is our general wholesale activity.

We apologize for the inconveniences to our customers as our swords may no longer be available through their favorite resellers. And to the retailers who were dropped from being able to carry our products. We hope for your understanding and continued support.

Best Regards,

Paul Chen

6/8/2011 - Our new shipment has finally arrived here at the warehouse and is ready for shipping. The delay for this shipment was due to a rather interesting event that had never happened to us before. We were requested by the export customs official to provide them with a bribe this time...

This is something new to us... But to do that would have lead us down a slippery slope that we do not want to be on. As a result, we had re-routed the shipment by ground to a different port of departure in HK. From there, the container was loaded on the vessel for transport and bypassed the original port of departure.

In any case, the shipment is now finally available after the long delay. We thank you for your patience and understanding. The website has been updated with the new shipment as well.


In response to the natural disaster in Japan, we will be donating an amount approximately equivalent to the entire profit for the month of April, 2011 to the relief efforts. It is true that Japan is a wealthy nation, however, relief efforts during disaster are often carried out by non-profit organizations and their success and delivery of aid will depend largely on funding via private donations and not the government of a nation.

We also believe donations needs to be as direct to the relief efforts as possible. It cannot be funneled through large organizations and be wasted on administrative purposes, or be used inefficiently, or be redirected to other uses as certain large aid organizations have a reputation of doing. As such, our donation will be going directly to the Japanese Red Cross with a stipulation that 100% of it be applied to direct relief of this disaster.

My perspective of this need is shaped by my personal experiences in the earthquake 9/21/1999 when my grandparents lost their house due to its collapse during the 1999 earthquake.

The decision for this donation is based purely on our personal belief and we will not solicit donations from anyone else because of it. We will not increase our prices of our product to our customer nor otherwise collect money from our customers for the purpose of this donation. This is simply a announcement of our personal intentions and is in no way a solicitation for donation or purchases. For the purpose of expediting the processing of funds, the calculation of our net profit for the month will be based on sales projection and estimate once a baseline of sales is established. Margin calculation will be based on our tax returns in 2010.

We will be working in conjunction with San Diego Kendo Bu, - member of All United States Kendo and Iaido Federation, for this effort.

Additionally, we would like to announce a fundraising event to be held by San Diego Kendo Bu on Sunday, April 3rd. The proceeds of the fundraiser will be donated to the relief efforts in full. The event will be held at the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. in Sorrento Valley, San Diego from 4pm to 8pm. Address is 9675 Scranton Rd., San Diego, 92121.

This even is open to public and we welcome all individual and martial arts dojo to come and attend. Not only will this be a great time to meet other martial arts enthusiasts in the Southern California area, you will also have a chance to win some great prizes in the raffle. You could win one of up to $6,000 in swords donated by Cheness Inc, or maybe even Kendo Bogu and other great items donated by other martial arts retailers.

3/6/17/2010 - Shipment have now cleard US Customs and have officially arrived! Thank you for your patience. We will fill all backorders immediately as our first priority. We expect to be fully caught up and all orders processed up to date by Tuesday.

6/1/2010 - We have the latest shipping updates. Our cargo on the vessel YM SUCCESS 061E had been on board since May 17th and is currently in transit to us. The port of loading is Ningbo harbor. The vessel had embarked a few days later than expected.

The estimated date of docking will be June 7th (6/7/2010) at the port of Long Beach in California. Typically inventory takes a few days to clear US Customs and be trucked to the warehouse for shipping after that.

We are very eagerly anticipating the arrival of this shipment and apologize for all the waiting. We are also very thankful for your understanding and patience. Upon arrival, we will immediately fill all current backorders as the main priority.

The next website update will take place once the inventory clears Customs and is ready for shipping.

4/6/2010 - We are currently experiencing significant backorders on many of our products. Our sincere apologies for the inconveniences. This was the result of the after-holiday rush, coupled with the Chinese New Year holiday following immediately after. Chinese new year is a month-long holiday for our workers at the forge. Production usually gets backed up during this time of the year... Every year.

(I should have learned to plan our production around this, but because our forge output is limited to a constant fixed rate per sword per day, it still is difficult to build up a reserve).

The current production run is scheduled to complete in early May with products becoming available for sale by mid to late May.

(though some products are completed and ready to ship now, we still have to wait for the remainder of the shipment to complete to fill the shipping container). Lately, the US customs and import procedures have changed significantly where it is much more difficult to ship in multiple small shipments, rather than one big batch.

The current out of stock items include:

Tenchi (both versions), Kaze black ito version, Oniyuri sharp (both versions), O-katana, O-katana in shirasaya, Mokko no bo-hi, and Mokko ko katana.

I will continue to update the status of this backorder and replacement shipment as information becomes available.

09/01/2009 Through 9/30/2009 - We will be closed for the entire month of September, 2009. This is the very first time we will be taking a vacation since the inception of the company over 5 years ago. We have postponed various business and personal matters until this time... when some things just cannot wait any longer.

Some of our staff will be travelling with me to Taiwan and China, other office staff will be attending to their own personal matters in Japan.

We will only have a minimum of warehouse staff to maintain the condition of warehouse and inventory, receive deliveries, and to pay utilities etc. But not enough to maintain day to day operations.

The closure in September will also effect all dropship resellers and wholesale customers. (If you are a reseller, we urge that you stock up on inventory you may need during this time). There will be NO DROPSHIPPING SERVICES during this time.

Email and phone access will be limited, so there will be NO responses to email and phone enquiries received during this time.

Orders can be accepted via our website, but will not be processed or shipped until we resume operations in October. (October 2nd being the first day shipments will be picked up for delivery after business resumes).

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Best Regards,

Paul Chen

07/04/2008 - Happy Forth of July. Sorry for not having kept this page updated for a while. I will be trying to keep this page up to date with inventory updates once again.

As for now, the latest shipment has now officially arrrived into stock and we are back to in-stock status for most of our items.

11/28/2007 - The following are items which are about to or have already sold out due to the increase in holiday sales activities:

+++ Oniyuri Katana (Non-sharpened version) - Sold Out +++
+++ Kaze blade in Shirasaya (Non-sharpened version) - Sold Out +++

+++ Kaze Katana (Both color versions) - Few remaining +++
+++ Stainless Steel Iaito - Few remaining +++
+++ Junior Length Iaito - Few remaining +++
+++ Onibasu Katana (Both color versions) - Few remaining +++
+++ Delux wakizashi Iaito, Mokko Wakizashi, Mokko Ko Katana - Few remaining +++

(Restock of these items will take place in Feburary of next year due to the fact that this run on holiday purchases was higher than anticipated and production being limited. Not all items will be restocked... Some items will be discontinued after they are sold out.)

Items scheduled to discontinue are: Shura series (replaced by Shobu Zukuri series), Onibasu (replaced by Oniyuri), Mokko Wakizashi/ko katana 2nd generation (replaced by third generation).

Additionally, promotional "Free Sword Stand" will no longer be included with sword orders starting on November 28th.

08/06/2007 - Our new shipment has finally arrived to relieve us of the backorder status.

As of today, new items available are:

  • Kaze Wakizashi
  • Kaze Ko Katana
  • Junior length Iaito

Additionally, the following items are back in stock from their backordered status:

  • Tenchi with fuller
  • Kochou with fuller
  • Maru Katana
  • 30" Katana
  • Cleaning Kits

New information: Our new Kaze series katana and wakizashi (as well as the Junior iaito) will consists of a new upgrade on their tsuka and will reflect the following changes:

One of the two bamboo mekugi pins has been replaced with a copper pin as an added safety measure. Tsuka core is un-groove, tsuka wood core material changed to a different wood.

I will work to update the website to reflect the changes and upload the new photos over the next few days.

5/25/2007 - As of today, the Kanbai katana has been officially discontinued and is now completely out of stock.

Other katanas which are getting close to backorder are: 30" katana, Tenchi, Ranko... (These will be restocked with the next shipment).

The next arriving shipment has been delayed slightly... We are working on further refinement of some components so MAY RUN INTO EXTENSIVE BACKORDER for several products across the board before a full restock happens due to the delay...

We apologize for the inconvenience during this period where we foresee some shortage of inventory and thank you for your patience.

Items to become backordered will be announced here.

5/14/2007 - URGENT NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - USPS has eliminated their Global Air Mail shipping option as of 5/14/07. As a result, we will no longer be able to ship the following items internationally due to the new length restriction of 42" under the new USPS Priority Mail International Program.... (unless the order is for 10 pieces or more shipped by airfreight):

  • 29" Classic Iaito
  • 29" Delux Iaito
  • 30" Katana
  • 33" O-Katana
  • 33" O-Katana in Shirasaya
  • Oniyuri Bujinkan Katana

Additionally, international shipments for full lenth katanas (28" blade length) will have to be packaged without their display boxes -- We will need to repack the swords in Uline Shipping Tube within Uline cardboard box in order to meet the length limitations (barely).

Orders for Wakizashi and Ko Katanas will not be affected and will continue to include display boxes.

(For International Dojo orders or reseller orders, shipments of 10 swords or more will be shipped via international air freight with no change to length restrictions).

We apologize for the inconveniences. For individual purchases of our long swords (>42") internationally, contact your local retailers in your country to enquire whether or not they carry our katanas imported via airfreight. (We will also be making a listing of our international resellers shortly).

5/1/2007 - Sorry for not updating the site and the news section more often. With the arrival of our new baby who is now 10 weeks old, things have been a bit hectic. Priorities have been placed on fulfilling orders rather than updating the site.

1 shipment arrived in Febuary during this time between the birth of the baby and now. Items in that shipment were the Kaze (which is now sold out), Tenchi wak with no fuller, Non-sharpened Oniyuri, and other replenishing items.

On May 5th 2007, another replenishment shipment will be arriving for the restock of the delux and classic iaitos.

The next shipment is expected to arrive in early July and will contain replenishment of some more items which will become backordered between now and July (Including the Kaze katana).

Items now on backorder and about to become backordered are:

Kaze, Delux iaito, 28" classic iaito, Kochou with fuller, Maru, Shura Wak, Shura Ko Katana. 30" Katana, cleaning kits, sayas, and both versions of the Kanbai.

I will try to keep the site updated once the May shipment arrives.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support during this hectic transition period (referring to baby).

12/18/2006 - Tenchi No Fuller (and Tenchi with fuller) have all been sold out as of today. (Kaze will be sold out within the next couple of days also - there are only a final few remaining).

Christmas sale will be ending in the next few days... as I prepare the website for the price update and new inventory update. New inventory information will be announced within a week.

12/14/2006 - As of today, 29" version of the classic iaito (type 8) has sold out completely. Also, Musha Bessaku has sold out and is now discontinued. There are less than a couple days worth of the Tenchi no fuller remaining and several other items are approaching being sold out also.

The Christmas sale has been a big hit and the warehouse is starting to look empty. New arriving shipment will be online after the end of Christmas sale period. If there is a sword you want or have your eye out on, NOW is the time to get it. After the end of Christmas sale, prices will be returning to normal... (if we even will have them in stock at that time).

(deadline for orders being delivered before Christmas is ending tomorrow the 15th.)

I will be updating the site once again within a week so keep checking for updates in the coming days.

11/21/2006 - Several items are selling out quickly from the holiday sale. As of now, Tenchi with fuller has been sold out completely with the next restock estimated at January 07 (1.5 month backorder).

Few other items are getting close to selling out also. Tenchi without fuller, Carbon Steel Iaito, Oniyuri, and Kaze seems to be the popular holiday items and are anticipated to run into backorder situation before the sale is over.

For those that don't already know... A few of the items are being discontinued permanently...

  • Kanbai (final run - This item overlaps with Kaze Katana)
  • Higo (final run - difficulties in manufacturing the 1045-9260 lamination = unable to hold production costs.)
  • Musha (replaced by Shura Wakizashi)
  • Musha Bessaku (replaced by Shura Ko Katana)
  • Onibasu (replaced by Oniyuri)

If you had your eye on these particular items, this will be the last opportunity to get them. Whatever is available on hand will be the last of the ones of these available. After they sell out, they will no longer be back into production... so yes... this is the last chance to get these particular swords before they fade into history.

11/16/2006 - Sorry for having slacked on the news updates lately... We had been updating some (many) sections of our websites to accomodate for the increase in inventory. As of today, the newly updated sections have been uploaded.

We also launched our Christmas sale as of today. This is a limited time sale primarily to clear room for the next incoming shipment arriving by mid December. (The originally anticipated shipment of swords for Christmas has been delayed until mid December, so we are applying a general sale to existing products). This is going to be the best deal for some time anywhere.

A pricing restructuring will be coming following the end of the Christmas sale. Including pricing for resellers.

10/6/2006 - We will be moving our office and warehouse into new location (as opposed to having separate office and warehouse as was previously). Over the next few days to weeks, we will be transitioning into the new location. Website will be updated according with the new location.

10/3/2006 - The latest shipment of swords have docked at the port of Long Beach and is now waiting for US Customs clearance. The arriving swords includes restock of currently out of inventory items including the Oniyuri, Kanbai, and Kochou.

8/8/2006 - Announcing the beginning of our August Sale. On both the Musha and Musha Bessaku. Each of these sword will be on special this month at $99.99 EACH.... Free shipping (in USA), Free stand, Free sword bag, Free box applies.

This is an inventory reduction sale to make room for the very large shipment arriving next week. International orders still incurrs the $20 shipping charge. (This is not and will not be a regular sales event -- it is a ONE TIME ONLY sale until supply lasts.... Simply to make room in my warehouse)...

8/8/2006 - Thanks for all those that send your regards during the trip last month.

NEW SHIPMENT will be docking at the port of Long Beach TOMORROW 8/9/2006. The shipment is expected to clear customs and be available on my website by next Wednesday. The anticipated items in this shipment includes:

  • All 3 lengths of Carbon Steel Iaito
  • New versions of Carbon Steel Iaito
  • 30" Katana
  • 33" O-katana
  • New version of Mokko Katana
  • ... And several others.

This is one of our larger shipments with many new and restocking inventory. Please be patient while we offload and update our website over the next week. (Unfortunately, the replacement ONIYURI will not be on this shipment... It is currently being made and scheduled to arrive in the following delivery).

7/17/2006 - I will be travelling to Asia the following 2 weeks for both business and personal matters. Leaving on the 20th of July and returning at the beginning of August on the 3rd. My father has recently taken ill and is hospitalized and I would like to be there for him while he receives surgical treatments over the next week or so.

All orders will still be processed by our local staff with a very slight delay (if at all) since we will be slightly shorthanded. My phone number will not be active during this period but I will respond to emails within a few days of receipt.

Arriving shipment scheduled for the end of July will be pushed back until my return at the beginning of August. (iaitos).

On the business side, the objective of this trip is also to meet with our new 3rd party QC inspectors so as to improve the overall quality of the items as well as to educate the workers on some of the details and focus of each product line.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

6/29/2006 - The arriving shipment has finally cleared US Customs and is available for shipment. All Tenchi and Shura katanas on backorder will have first priority and will be shipped by tomorrow as our goal.

Price increase on the Tenchi and Shura will take effect the first thing on Monday after our backordered are filled (July 3rd).

Current shipment includes the restock of Tenchi and Shura katanas as well as the Kaze katana. All swords in this shipment uses an upgraded sageo.

6/27/2006 - The Arriving shipment is currently being inspected by US Customs and is awaiting clearence. The date of availability (originally estimated by this weekend) is now expected to be early to middle of next week instead. Those with preorders will be processed with first priority when the shipment arrives. Thank you for your understanding.

(Update from the kendo seminar). For those who may be interested... The 3 day kendo seminar was tiring but fun. We had plenty of good keiko with participants from all over US as well as the visiting senseis from Japan. Photos from the event can be seen here.

6/23/2006 - The latest shipment of swords including the Tenchi and Shura as well as two new varients of the Onibasu will be docking at the port of Long Beach on Friday, June 23rd. Customs and ground transport is expected to take one more week.

Look for updates of our newest arriving shipments by the end of June (backordered items purchased on pre-order basis will receive first shipping priority).

6/17/2006 - Our entire staff will be attending the All United States Kendo Federation summer seminar this year from June 23rd to 25th. (As participants). If you will be attending the seminar also, please let me know and say hi at the seminar/summer camp.

On friday, June 23rd, we will close a few hours early at 2pm and there will not be any outgoing shipments that day. All shipments received before noon on June 22nd will be shipped out the same day or earlier. Shipping will resume on Monday/Tuesday June 26/27th for all orders received after the 22nd..

6/17/2006 - Carbon steel iaitos have been sold out in all 3 sizes, 9260 blade mounted in shirasaya with fuller has been sold out. There are still shirasaya with no fuller remaining. Of the new shipment arrived one month ago, the Kaze and the Higo are selling quick and will be sold out within a few more weeks.

The next shipment with replenishment of Tenchi and Shura are arriving at the end of June. It is currently on the water on its way over here somewhere on the Pacific Ocean right now. In the new shipment, there will also be the new 23" blade/13" grip Onibasu varient arriving in this shipment.

We are working on the R&D for a few more new blades using 9260 right now. Several new prototypes have been tested and we are extremely excited about 2 new blades to come within the next few months.

5/16/2006 - The new shipment has finally arrived after an extended stay at the port of Long Beach waiting for US Customs clearence. First priority now is to fill all pre-orders and backordered shipment. Photos will be taken of the new swords and the website will be updated over the next couple of days. New items this time includes:

  • 21" Wakizashi Iaito, (new)
  • 21" New Mokko Ko Katana (new)
  • 21" New Mokko Wakizashi (new)
  • 9260 DH Kaze - no fuller (new)
  • Laminated Higo - no fuller (new)
  • Folded Kochou - no fuller (new)
  • New Maru (new)
  • 9260 TH Shirasaya - no fuller (new)
  • 21" version of Musha Bessaku,

5/8/2006 - International price increase of colored metal. As you probably have seen in the news lately, there had been a sharp increase in the cost of colored metal prices around the world... We are impacted by these price jumps as well on the costs of certain metals we use. Specifically, this is impacting the swords which uses colored metal on fittings such as copper and brass. Consequently, we will start to adjust our pricing for swords that uses brass or copper fitting sets such as Tenchi, Kochou, and Kanbai. I will hold the prices for as long as possible, but it looks like the costs will start to be somewhat impacted throughout 2006.... unfortunately....

4/10/2006 - Urgent Announcement - Price Increase on our Iaitos: Our iaitos are being adopted for use and being made available through Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iai-Jutsu dojos. As a result, we can no longer sustain sale of our inventory through our website at the current sale price. We will be gradually increasing our online website retail prices over the new few weeks on the iaitos up to the regular price of $250... If you have your eye out for an iaito at the current sale price, we suggest that you move quickly on these!!

Wholesale and dojo pricing will remain as they are for the time being. You can also begin to purchase the iaitos at your local MJER dojos through your sensei. Or if your dojo would like to purchase these iaitos via MJER, you or your sensei can contact Masayuki Shimabukuro Sensei (8th Dan Hanshi - MJER) at Jikishin-Kai International. Thank you for all of your continued support.

4/01/2006 - The new items have been uploaded onto the website and are now available for purchase.

4/01/2006 - We have lowered the price for several items. Check out our new prices for the Ranko Katana, Mokko Katana, and Mokko Ko Katana. Additionally, the introductory prices for the Tenchi and Shura was supposed to end today... However, since we have ran out of nearly all of these two types of katana, we have decided to just sell out the remaining handful of Shuras at the current price and wait for a price adjustment to apply to the next shipment instead. Price adjustment will take place sometimes after the last of the Shuras sell out and before the next shipment arrives.

3/31/2006 - NEW ITEMS HAVE ARRIVED - The backordered iaitos have officially arrived today. Along with this shipment are a few new items including:

  • 27" iaito, (new)
  • 28" iaito,
  • 29" iaito, (new)
  • Stainless Steel iaito, (new)
  • Musha Wakizashi
  • 1060 Wakizashi in Mokko fittings (new)
  • 9260 Spring Steel blade in shirasaya (new)

I will be taking photos of the items and updating the website over the weekend and into Monday. The new items should be available for checkout through the website by Monday (sorry for the delay... I will try to upload new items one by one as soon as the pages are ready).

3/30/2006 - The Kanbai Katana (with fuller) has sold out as of today. Restock is undetermined as item may be phased out or drastically modified.

3/27/2006 - The Tenchi Katana (with fuller) has also sold out as of today. Restock arriving in late May.

3/27/2006 - The new shipment of iaito, wakizashi, and shirasaya has docked at Long Beach as of today. It will be about 5 to 7 days before it will clear US Customs and be released for shipment.

3/23/2006 - The Tenchi Katana (No Fuller) has also sold out as of today. Next scheduled re-stock is in May. All orders for sold out items will be considered backordered until the restock arrives.

URGENT: 3/17/2006 - The current shipment is starting to sell out. Onibasu and Shura (no fuller) are now officially sold out and out of stock until May. Other items running low on inventory are Tenchi (no fuller) and 7E - Musha Bessaku. Next to run out on the list are Tenchi, Shura, Mokko (no fuller), and Kanbai...

Remember, we are a small forge and have a very limited production volume.... Our pricing is below what our demand dictates and is based on cost plus. All stocks are expected to run out very quickly at their price levels... If you want to make a purchase, please do it soon before we run out.

3/9/2006 - The iaitos are on the water and on their way over to Long Beach and will be docking on the 23rd of March. Along with these swords, the new 9260 in shirasaya will also be arriving at that time.

2/8/2006 - The current shipment has officially arrived and are available to the public for purchase. As usual, the swords are anticipated to sell very quickly so move fast if you want one.

1/25/2006 - The latest shipment is scheduled to dock in Long Beach on the first week of Febuary. Pending US Customs clearance, (usually 1 week) the backordered items will be available to be shipped out at around the second week of Febuary. (Iaitos have been delayed by 2 weeks from the March 15th ETA).

We thank you for your patience and understanding. More photos will be posted on all the new swords immediately following the arrival of the shipment.

1/16/2006 - Current backordered shipment has successfully launched and is currently in transit. Updated ETA will be available shortly.

1/12/2006 (UPDATE) - The Type 8 Iaito scheduled to arrive for the end of January has been delayed until March 15th. Specifically, the tsuba constructed for the iaito has failed our final QC Inspection and the entire batch of blade will be re-worked before it will be made available to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience but want to ensure that the quality of the component to be up to our required standard.

1/12/2006 - The anticipated shipment for the end of January has been delay by 5 days due to issues concerning the scheduling of cargo freighters. The shipment is now expected to arrive on Febuary 5th. We apologize for the delay.

1/5/2006 - Please note that the photos currently used on the website are based upon our prototype units and may be different than the final production.

1/5/2006 - Over the next few weeks, we will be selling our prototypes and display units to make room for the new inventory. Please keep watch over the changes to this site over the next few days. There will only be 1 unit of each prototype available and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Prototype and display units are sold as-is and are final... please ask your questions before purchase.

1/4/2006 - Please note that the next shipment of Kanbai katana has undergone some minor revisions. Specifically, the kanbai tsuba has been replaced with a smaller textured steel tsuba. The original kanbai tsuba will be revised and be made available again once the revisions are completed.

1/4/2006 - Our inventory has been completely cleaned out over the holiday period. New products and inventory are arriving at the end of January. Orders placed between now and the arrival of shipment will only be shipped out after January 31st. We apologize for the inconveniences.

12/5/2005 - We are completely sold out of the cleaning kits and have discontinued the free cleaning kit offers with purchase of katana. Cleaning kits will be restocked at the end of January 06.


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