NEW STEEL: Our Most Durable cutting blades to date, highly resistant to bending. Through hardened 9260 silicon alloy carbon spring steel blades.

Very durable with predictable performance medium cutters. Oil quenched, through hardened 1060 carbon monosteel blades. (Medium Cutters)

Our most affordable line of Japanese Swords. Through hardened, oil quenched 1045 carbon monosteel steel blades. (Light Cutters)

Unsharpened steel blade iaito for kata practice. Through hardened 1045 carbon steel and heat-treated stainless steel blades. (Not for Cutting).

Hand clayed, differentially hardened blade with unetched natural hamon line. Created for the subtle and attractive appearance. (Cutting ability dependent on specific metal used).

Laminated steel construction using layered steel billets of different hardness resulting in a traditional wrapped core blade. (Cutting ability dependent on specific metal used).

Dual folded steel. Layered and forge folded to create a Damascus appearance. Very prominent hada. (Cutting ability dependent on specific metal used).

Difference between 9260, 1060, and 1045 & what is right for you.

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Mokko Blade TestBlade testing video

This is a quality control/destruction/torture test. Do not attempt.

The blade on the Mokko is through hardened to optimize the quality of the 1060 carbon steel. This is not to show the katana being able to go through the chair... but that the tip can withstand the force without bending, rolling the tip, or chipping the kissaki.


Our Blades are meant to provide an economical means of entry into the traditional Japanese sword martial arts by focusing on the fundamental requirements of a functional cutting katana.

Our founders are all practitioners of kendo and iaido and we practice with our own swords.

At our prices, everyone can afford to own our swords and be able to participate in our favorite martial art.

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